What Is the Order of a Ballet Class?


Ballet class is a highly structured form of dance training. It is the foundation of all classical dance forms, and it requires discipline, grace, and strength.

Ballet class typically begins with one or more exercises in which the dancer stretches, strengthens, and warms up their muscles. These exercises are usually done both on the floor and at the barre. The dancer then moves on to center work which focuses on mastering technique such as leaps, turns, jumps, and steps.

The order of a ballet class varies depending on the style being taught. However, most classes follow a basic structure that includes barre exercises, center work, adagio movements (longer combinations of steps), allegro (faster movements with more energy), and jumps.

A typical ballet class lasts for an hour or more. The teacher will usually start off with stretching exercises to prepare the body for movement.

At the barre, dancers practice small movements such as pliés (bending of the knees), tendus (stretching of the feet), relevés (raising up onto demi-pointe), grand battements (kicking up from first to second position), ronds de jambe à terre (circles with leg on the floor) and frappés (quick beats). After practicing at the barre for some time, dancers move to center work where they practice larger movements such as pirouettes (spins), grand allegro jumps in all directions, petit allegro steps such as pas de chat or pas de bourée.

Adagio is then practiced in order to perfect technique in slow motion before moving onto allegro where steps are strung together in quick succession. Finally comes jumps where dancers master various jump techniques such as assemblé or grand jeté. At this point in a ballet class students will usually work on combinations that involve all these different elements.


Ballet class is an essential part of any dancer’s training regimen. It follows a structured format that starts with stretching exercises before moving onto barre work then center work before ending with jumps. Although there may be slight variations depending on style being taught, most classes follow this basic structure which helps build strength and technique for any aspiring dancer.