What Is World Ballet School Day?


World Ballet School Day (WBSD) is an international initiative that began in 2019 to celebrate the power of ballet to inspire, educate and empower people all around the world. The day is held annually on the second Saturday of February, and is a day dedicated to celebrating, learning and sharing the art form of ballet with the world.

The day was created by a team of passionate ballet aficionados, who wanted to bring attention to the beauty, grace and power of ballet. With their commitment, WBSD has been able to reach out to millions of people around the world, who have embraced this initiative with enthusiasm.

The aim behind WBSD is to bring awareness about ballet among people from all walks of life. The focus is on creating a platform for anyone interested in exploring this wonderful art form – from beginners just starting out in ballet classes, to experienced professionals looking for ways to refine their skills further.


On this day, a wide range of activities are organized across the globe by different schools and organizations associated with WBSD. These activities include:

  • Ballet Masterclasses: These classes are designed for both amateur and professional dancers alike. The classes provide an opportunity for participants to learn from some of the best teachers in the world.
  • Discussions & Lectures: There are also discussions and lectures held on various topics related to ballet such as technique, history and aesthetics.
  • Performances & Competitions: The day also features performances from some of the world’s best dancers, as well as competitions where participants can showcase their talent.
  • Workshops: These workshops provide an opportunity for learners of all levels – from beginners just starting out in ballet classes, to professionals looking for ways to refine their skills further – to gain new knowledge about this beautiful art form.


When it comes down to it, World Ballet School Day has a lot more than just fun activities lined up. It also provides numerous benefits that make it such a special event for everyone involved.

Here are some of them:

  • A Worldwide Community: WBSD creates an inclusive community that brings together amateurs and experts alike from all around the world. This helps create meaningful connections between individuals who share a common passion for dance.

  • Opportunities & Inspiration: The day provides numerous opportunities for everyone involved – from beginners looking for ways to start out in ballet classes, or professionals looking for ways to refine their skills further – it offers something new every time.

  • Creative Expression: The activities organized during WBSD offer participants an opportunity to express themselves creatively through dance. This not only helps them improve their technique but can also help foster self-confidence and boost their overall wellbeing.


World Ballet School Day is an annual event that celebrates the beauty and power of this wonderful art form. It provides numerous benefits like creating a worldwide community; offering opportunities & inspiration; fostering creative expression; among others which make it such a special event for everyone involved!