What Jobs Can Art History Get You?

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What Jobs Can Art History Get You?

Having a degree in art history can be incredibly beneficial for those seeking a career in the arts. It gives you a broad understanding of the many ways art has shaped and been shaped by different cultures and societies, from antiquity to the present day. With this knowledge, individuals can choose to pursue many types of jobs in the creative industries, ranging from curatorship positions at museums to research-focused academic posts. In addition, an art history degree is also an excellent foundation for other careers outside of the arts, such as marketing and advertising.

Those who have studied art history have a variety of job options available to them. Working in museums is one of the most common choices for art history graduates. Museum curators are responsible for assembling and cataloging collections, as well as developing educational programs and exhibitions that engage visitors with the artwork on display. Additionally, they often conduct research into specific pieces or artists in order to provide more insight into their work and its significance within its historical context.

Another option for those with an art history degree is teaching at a college or university level.

Instructors in this field are typically expected to teach both undergraduate and graduate level classes covering topics such as Renaissance Art, Ancient Greek Sculpture, or Contemporary Photography. They may also be asked to supervise students writing their thesis papers or work with researchers on projects related to their own field of study.

Those interested in pursuing a career outside of academia may find that an art history degree can also be beneficial when applying for jobs in marketing or advertising roles. Companies often require candidates with knowledge of how various works of art have been used throughout history to promote products or services, as well as how they can be applied today to reach new audiences and markets. Additionally, having an understanding of how different cultures interact with artwork can help businesses develop strategies that Target diverse customer bases more effectively.

For individuals looking for something different than working directly with artwork itself, there are still plenty of opportunities available within the creative industries that involve making use of your knowledge about art’s place within society and culture today. Positions such as arts writers, digital archivists, public relations specialists, graphic designers, web developers – all these jobs require some familiarity with visual culture which an art history degree can provide you with.

Overall, having an art history degree opens up many possibilities both inside and outside academia. From museum curatorship posts to digital archival jobs – there are countless ways individuals can make use of their knowledge about visual culture when seeking out employment opportunities in their chosen field.


In conclusion, having a degree in Art History opens up a wide range of job opportunities both inside and outside academia including museum curatorship positions, teaching at university level courses on topics within arts & culture , marketing & advertising roles ,and various positions within creative industries like arts writers , digital archivists , public relations specialists , graphic designers etc.