What Jobs Can I Get From Art History?

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Art History is a field of knowledge that studies the development of painting, sculpture, and architecture in specific historical periods. It also looks at the various influences that have shaped art throughout its history. Its main purpose is to provide an understanding of how art has evolved over time and its impact on society.

What Jobs Can I Get From Art History?

Studying Art History can open up a wide range of career opportunities for students. Depending on their interests, students can pursue careers as museum or gallery curators, art critics, or art conservators.

Museum curators are responsible for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and preserving items in a museum’s collection. Art critics write about art for magazines and newspapers, providing insight into new works of art or important collections. Art conservators specialize in preserving works of art by identifying and treating problems such as fading colors or structural damage.

Another option is to pursue a career as an art historian. Art historians research the history and theory behind different works of art and analyze them to gain insight into their meaning and importance in relation to other works in their genre or period.

They can work in universities or museums conducting research and teaching classes on the subject. They may also be employed by auction houses or galleries doing appraisals and authentication work.

Students may also pursue careers in the commercial side of the arts industry, such as marketing or public relations for galleries and museums. There are also opportunities for those who wish to use their knowledge of art history to become appraisers, dealers, auctioneers, editors, researchers, photographers, designers or framers.

Finally, there are many opportunities for those with a strong background in Art History to enter other professions related to the arts such as law or business administration that involve negotiation skills or management techniques connected with artwork sales and acquisitions.


A degree in Art History offers students many job possibilities ranging from museum curator to researcher to appraiser. With knowledge gained from studying the development of painting sculpture and architecture over time along with different influences that have shaped it throughout history you can find success pursuing many different career paths within the arts industry where your expertise will be valued!