What Jobs Can You Get With a Masters in Art History?

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A master’s in art history can open up a range of career opportunities. Many graduates go on to pursue careers in museums, galleries, auction houses, and universities. In addition to these traditional roles, those with a master’s degree in art history have the opportunity to become curators, conservators, and art appraisers.

Museum Careers
Art historians with a master’s degree can find employment in museums as curators or conservators. As curators, they are responsible for managing collections of artwork and artifacts; this includes researching the pieces, writing catalog entries and labels for exhibitions, and organizing displays. Conservators use their knowledge of art history and materials science to preserve artwork by stabilizing its condition and preventing further deterioration.

Gallery Careers
Graduates of an art history masters program may also find work in galleries. They may be employed as gallery directors or assistant directors who coordinate exhibitions, manage budgets, and promote the gallery’s collection. Art historians working in a gallery setting might also be responsible for researching artwork for sale or hire consultants to appraise works of art.

Auction House Careers
Those with a master’s degree in art history can also find work at auction houses such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Here they may work as appraisers or specialists who conduct research on artwork that is up for auction or sale. They must possess an intimate knowledge of artists and movements so that they can provide accurate estimates for buyers interested in purchasing works of art at auctions.

University Careers
Many universities also employ art historians with master’s degrees as professors or lecturers. Here they will teach classes on different aspects of art history such as classical painting techniques or Italian Renaissance sculpture to undergraduate students. They will also conduct research projects related to topics within their field of expertise and publish articles on their findings in academic journals.

In conclusion, those with an advanced degree in the field of Art History have many career opportunities available to them including museum curator/conservator positions; gallery director/assistant director roles; auction house appraisal/specialist posts; and university professor/lecturer jobs. With a Master’s Degree in Art History one can pursue these exciting career paths that combine both passion and knowledge within the realm of fine arts!