What Jobs Can You Get With an Art History Minor?

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A minor in art history is a great way to deepen your existing knowledge of the arts and expand your career opportunities. Art history is the study of how art has developed over time, and how it has been shaped by different societies and cultures.

It is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements from multiple disciplines, such as anthropology, archaeology, literature, music, and philosophy. With an art history minor, you can gain a better understanding of the creative process and explore a variety of artistic styles from different cultures around the world.

An art history minor can open up many doors for those looking to enter into the creative industries. Many employers value the knowledge that comes from studying a range of artistic styles and eras.

It also helps demonstrate to potential employers that you have an understanding of the artistic landscape that exists today. Employers are often looking for candidates who can bring a unique perspective to their team.

There are many job opportunities available to those with an art history minor. The most obvious choice would be working in a museum or gallery setting.

Here you could work as an educator or curator; both roles require extensive knowledge of art history and the ability to communicate effectively with visitors. You could also find work as a conservator or restorer – conservators work with museums and galleries to preserve works of art while restoring them to their original condition.

Another option for those with an art history minor is working in the publishing industry. You could be employed as an editor or writer for magazines or books related to the arts world; these positions usually involve researching topics in detail, writing content about them, and selecting images or illustrations for publication.

Finally, you could use your knowledge of art history in other areas such as marketing or advertising. Here you could create campaigns based on specific pieces of artwork or promote events related to artists and exhibitions. As well as this, you may be able to find teaching opportunities if you have enough experience.


In conclusion, there are numerous jobs available for those with an art history minor – ranging from working in museums and galleries to teaching positions or roles within publishing or advertising companies. An art history minor gives students valuable insight into how different societies have shaped our culture through their artwork – making it a great addition to any resume when looking for jobs in these industries.