What Jobs Can You Get With History of Art?

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What Jobs Can You Get With History of Art?

History of art is an incredibly varied and multifaceted field. It encompasses the study of visual arts, architecture, and design, as well as the history behind them. Many students who major in history of art go on to pursue a variety of interesting and rewarding careers.

One of the most obvious career paths for those with a background in history of art is to become an art historian. Art historians specialize in researching, analyzing, and interpreting works of visual art from various periods throughout history. They may also write books or articles about the development and evolution of different artistic styles and movements.

Other potential jobs for those with a background in history of art include museum curators or directors, gallery directors, conservators or restorers, archivists, art appraisers, or even educators teaching history of art at universities or other institutions. Museum curators are responsible for researching and acquiring works for public display, while gallery directors coordinate exhibitions at galleries or auction houses.

Conservators and restorers work to preserve works that have been damaged over time due to age or other factors. Art appraisers are experts who determine the value of works by established artists.

Those who have a passion for history can find employment as archivists or researchers at universities and libraries; these professionals often catalog artifacts such as manuscripts and documents related to historical events that have shaped our world today. For those who are more interested in teaching than research, teaching positions are available at universities that offer courses in history of art.

In addition to traditional roles within the field, there are also some more creative jobs that require a background in history of art; these include working as an Illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, fashion designer or even set designer for television shows or movies.

No matter what career path someone chooses after majoring in History Of Art there is no doubt that it is an enriching experience both educationally and professionally. Those with a background in this field will be able to use their knowledge to make meaningful contributions to society while still enjoying fulfilling careers that involve creativity and critical thinking skills.


With a degree in History Of Art comes many potential job opportunities ranging from traditional roles such as being an archivist or curator to more creative roles such as Illustrator or fashion designer. No matter what career path someone chooses with this degree they can look forward to using their knowledge to make meaningful contributions while still having an exciting career.