What Kind of Jobs Can Art History Majors Get?

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A degree in Art History provides a variety of job opportunities. Those with an Art History major can find employment in the art industry, museums, cultural institutions, galleries, and even in the business world.

Art Industry
An Art History major can prepare a person for a career in the art industry. This could include positions such as a curator, appraiser, archivist, and librarian. Curators are responsible for managing collections of artwork and artifacts at museums and galleries.

Appraisers specialize in evaluating the worth of artwork and artifacts. Archivists are responsible for organizing and preserving historical records. Librarians manage library collections and provide research assistance to patrons.

Museums also offer many jobs to those with an Art History major. Museum professionals may work as curators, conservators, researchers, or educators. Curators select artwork to be displayed in museums or galleries and coordinate exhibitions.

Conservators monitor the condition of artwork and artifacts to ensure they are not deteriorating or being damaged by improper handling or storage conditions. Researchers investigate various aspects of art history such as provenance or authorship of works of art. Educators create educational programs to support exhibitions or guide visitors through museum collections.

Cultural Institutions
Cultural institutions offer another avenue for those with an Art History major to pursue a career in the arts. Cultural institutions include organizations that preserve local heritage such as historic sites, monuments, libraries, and archives. These organizations typically employ people who specialize in researching local history and culture as well as those who work on preserving artifacts from these areas for future generations to experience them firsthand.

Galleries often hire individuals with an Art History background for roles such as gallery directors or exhibition managers. These positions involve managing gallery operations such as budgeting and staff management as well as supervising exhibitions from start to finish including installation of works and marketing efforts to promote them during their run at the gallery space.

Business World
An Art History degree is also useful outside of the traditional art industry setting — it can open up opportunities in the business world too! Individuals with this degree may find themselves working as consultants providing expertise on art-related topics such consulting on how best to display artwork within a home or office space or how best to care for pieces within their collection over time.


Overall, an Art History major provides many job opportunities within the art industry including positions at museums, cultural institutions, galleries, and even within the business world itself. Those with this degree can use their knowledge of art history combined with skills they have learned while pursuing their studies to pursue careers that allow them to work closely with works of art while also making a living.