What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With an Art History Degree?

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Having a degree in art history can lead to many exciting and lucrative careers. You can find yourself in the museum, as a curator or researcher, or as a professor of art history.

You can also work as an art historian in private collections, galleries, or auction houses. Art history degrees can also lead to careers in the business world and beyond.

A degree in art history opens the door to many opportunities at museums and other cultural institutions. With an art history degree, you could become a museum curator responsible for selecting and arranging exhibitions.

You could also work as a researcher or conservator, performing specialized research and cataloging museum collections. Working in education departments at museums is another great option for those with an art history degree. Here you could lead tours and workshops, create educational materials, or teach classes about artwork from different periods of time.

Private Collections
Those with an art history degree may find themselves working for private collectors or galleries that specialize in fine artwork. Here you might be responsible for appraising artwork or helping with acquisitions of new pieces.

You could also advise clients on which pieces would be best for their collection, based on their interests and budget. Additionally, you might help with the installation of artwork or serve as a guide during gallery tours and exhibitions.

Business World
An art history degree is not only useful in the world of museums and galleries but also in related areas of business such as marketing, public relations, fundraising, advertising, and sales. A wide range of businesses need people who understand both visual culture and marketing tactics to create successful campaigns that reach Target audiences effectively. With an understanding of how different pieces of artwork have been marketed throughout time, you can use this knowledge to help your employer promote their product or service more effectively.

There are many job opportunities available to those with an art history degree including museum curator, researcher or conservator; working at galleries; advising private collectors; working in marketing; public relations; fundraising; sales; advertising; education departments; tour-guiding; curating exhibitions; teaching classes about artwork from different periods of time; creating educational materials; appraising artwork; helping with acquisitions of new pieces – the possibilities are endless!