What Major Goes Well With Art History?

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Art History is an exciting and engaging field of study that offers students a unique perspective on the world’s past and present. Art History is an eye-opening experience that can help to shape a student’s understanding of the world around them.

Art History teaches about the diverse history of art, from early prehistoric art to contemporary works. It also provides insights into the various styles and techniques used by various cultures throughout history, as well as how these various artistic expressions have changed over time.

When considering what major goes well with Art History, there are several options to consider. One popular option is Studio Art.

Studio Art focuses on creating works of art, whether it be painting, sculpture, or other forms of visual arts. This major would be beneficial for those wanting to further their knowledge of artistic techniques and processes, as well as developing their own creative skills in the visual arts field.

For those interested in pursuing a career in design or architecture, Graphic Design may be an excellent choice. Graphic Design focuses on creating visuals for various media platforms such as websites, magazines, and advertisements.

It also covers topics such as typography, color theory and digital imaging which can be useful for creating attractive visuals for marketing materials or presentations.

Those interested in the business side of art could benefit from majoring in Arts Management. Arts Management covers topics such as fundraising strategies, contract negotiation and financial management which are all essential skills for running an arts organization or gallery successfully. It also provides insight into how to promote events and attract patrons to one’s organization.

Cultural Studies, another potential option when considering majors related to Art History, is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures around the world. A Cultural Studies major focuses on topics such as literature, history and sociology which can help students develop an appreciation for different cultures while gaining insights into how they interact with one another.

Ultimately, any major can go well with Art History depending on what career path one wishes to pursue.


What Major Goes Well With Art History? The answer depends on what type of career path one wishes to pursue; however there are many options available ranging from Studio Art to Cultural Studies which could all provide an interesting complement to an Art History degree program. Ultimately it’s important for each individual student to decide what type of major best suits their interests and goals when considering future plans related to their studies in Art History.