What OPI Color Is Like Ballet Slippers?


Ballet slippers are a light colored shoe, usually a light pink or white hue, that are traditionally worn by dancers for ballet performances. They have a flat sole and a canvas upper, with an elastic band at the ankle for secure and comfortable fit. The style of ballet slipper has been around since the 16th century and still remains popular among dancers today.

OPI is a leading manufacturer of nail polish colors. OPI colors range from vibrant brights to classic neutrals, allowing people to express their individual style in their manicures. OPI is well known for its wide selection of colors, especially its range of classic shades which are perfect for any occasion.

When it comes to finding an OPI color that is like Ballet Slippers, there are several choices available. The most popular color is Bubble Bath from the Classic Collection.

This shade has a soft pink hue that resembles the traditional Ballet Slipper shade. It is also opaque enough to provide full coverage in two coats.

Another option from the Classic Collection is Marshmallow. This shade also has a soft pink tone and provides full coverage in two coats.

If you prefer something slightly different than the traditional Ballet Slipper look, then Take A Right On Bourbon from the Brights Collection would be an excellent choice. This bright pink hue will give your nails an eye-catching pop of color.


What OPI Color Is Like Ballet Slippers?
The most popular OPI colors that resemble Ballet Slippers are Bubble Bath and Marshmallow from the Classic Collection, and Take A Right On Bourbon from the Brights Collection. Each of these shades provide full coverage in two coats, making them perfect for any occasion.