What OPI Color Is Like Essie Ballet Slippers?


OPI color polish is a popular choice for individuals seeking to add a pop of color to their manicure. OPI offers an extensive collection of colors, ranging from classic shades such as red and pink to more daring hues like blue and purple.

One of the most popular OPI colors is Ballet Slippers, a pale pink hue that is perfect for those who want a subtle, feminine look.

Ballet Slippers is a soft, delicate shade that looks great on all skin tones. It has a light shimmer to it that adds shine and sparkle to the nails without being too overwhelming. The shade itself is not overly bright or saturated, instead offering a delicate flush of color that looks natural and flattering.

The formula for Ballet Slippers is long-lasting and chip-resistant, so your manicure will stay looking fresh for days. It dries quickly on the nails and has an opaque coverage that can be built up with additional coats if desired. The polish also has a glossy finish when applied, giving it an extra shine.

What OPI Color Is Like Essie Ballet Slippers?

OPI’s own version of Essie Ballet Slippers is called “Tickle My France-y”. This pale pink hue has many similarities to Essie’s original formula; it has the same light shimmer and subtle flush of color but with added benefits from OPI’s long-lasting chip-resistant formula. Tickle My France-y also offers an opaque coverage with a glossy finish that will have your nails looking fresh for days.

In conclusion, OPI’s Tickle My France-y color resembles Essie’s Ballet Slippers in many ways; both offer a soft, delicate light pink hue with added shimmer for extra shine. The main difference between them comes down to the formula; while both provide an opaque coverage with a glossy finish, OPI’s chip-resistant long lasting formula ensures your manicure will stay looking perfect for longer.