What Paper Should I Print My Digital Art On?

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Printing digital art can be a difficult task due to the variety of paper types available and the different needs of different pieces of art. The right paper can make all the difference, so it’s important to understand what type of paper should be used when printing digital art.

When it comes to choosing a paper type, the first thing to consider is the type of art being printed. Different art styles require different types of paper in order to look their best.

For example, if you’re printing a black and white photograph then a matte finish would work best, whereas more colorful and detailed images may require a glossy finish. Additionally, some artwork may require special papers like canvas or watercolor paper for an authentic look.

The next factor to consider when selecting a paper is its weight or thickness. Heavier weight papers are best for prints that will be framed, as they will stand up better over time as opposed to lighter weight papers which may become warped or bent over time.

Finally, consider the size of the print you’re making. Different sizes require different paper weights in order for them to look their best. If you’re printing smaller sizes then thinner papers will work just fine, but if you need larger prints then heavier papers will be necessary.


Choosing the right paper for your digital art can be tricky but with some thought and consideration it can be done easily. Consider the type of art being printed, its size and weight when selecting a paper type in order to get the best results possible.