What Shoes Do Ballet Dancers Wear?

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Ballet dancers are among the most graceful and elegant performers in the world. The amazing feats of strength and beauty they create on stage require years of practice, dedication and the right shoes.

Ballet shoes are specially designed to provide support and flexibility while dancing, and they come in a variety of styles to suit different types of ballet performance.

Pointe Shoes – Pointe shoes are probably the most iconic type of ballet footwear, as they allow dancers to stand “en pointe” (on the tips of their toes). Pointe shoes are made from strong materials such as canvas or satin and feature a hard sole that is reinforced with layers of paper or fabric.

The toes are also reinforced with a box made from stiff material such as cardboard or plastic which helps to support the dancer’s weight. The shank (the part between the sole and heel) is flexible yet strong, allowing the dancer to move without losing balance.

Flat Ballet Shoes – Flat ballet shoes, also known as slippers or pumps, are usually made from leather or canvas and feature a split sole that provides flexibility while dancing. They have no heel but do have an elastic strap across the bridge of the foot which helps keep them secure during performances. These shoes come in many colours such as pink, white or black depending on what style is desired.

Jazz Shoes – Jazz shoes are similar to flat ballet shoes but with a thicker sole for more cushioning and support while dancing. They usually have an elastic strap around the ankle for extra security and come in a variety of colours such as brown, black or tan.

Character Shoes – Character shoes are similar to jazz shoes but with higher heels that help create different shapes when dancing. They come in either leather or canvas material, have an elastic strap around the ankle for security and come in various colours such as red, black or tan.

No matter what type of shoe you choose for your ballet performance, it is important to make sure it fits properly so you can feel comfortable and secure on stage. With proper care and maintenance your ballet footwear can last for many years so you can continue creating beautiful performances!


Ballet dancers need specially designed footwear that offers support and flexibility while performing. Pointe Shoes allow dancers to stand “en pointe” while Flat Ballet Shoes provide flexibility without any heel; Jazz Shoes offer additional cushioning; Character Shoes help create different shapes when dancing with their higher heels; all types come in various colours depending on what style is desired.