What Shoes Do Men Wear for Ballet?

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Ballet is a delicate and graceful form of art. But it requires skill, precision, and an appropriate amount of strength to master. Therefore, it is important for male dancers to wear the right type of shoes to help them perform their steps correctly.

For men, two types of ballet shoes are typically worn: pointe shoes and ballet slippers. Pointe shoes are the more traditional option and are made with hard, durable material that wraps around the foot and supports the toes while they are en pointe (in relevé). The soft material on the slippers helps dancers move their feet more quickly while still providing enough support.

Pointe Shoes
Pointe shoes are designed specifically for male dancers who need extra stability and support when performing en pointe.

They usually have leather uppers with a box-like construction that helps keep the foot secure in place during movement. The most common type of pointe shoe has a flat platform sole with an elevated heel, but there are also some models that feature an extra-high heel for more advanced technique.

Ballet Slippers
Ballet slippers have been used by male dancers for centuries as an alternative to pointe shoes. They feature a soft canvas or leather upper with a flexible sole, making them perfect for fast movements and jumps. Most often, ballet slippers come in black, but there are also some models available in white or other colors.


For male ballet dancers, finding the right pair of shoes can be essential to their performance. Pointe shoes provide extra stability and support for those performing en pointe while ballet slippers offer flexibility and quick movements for jumps or other steps. No matter which style is chosen, having the correct type of shoe can help male dancers achieve their best results.