What Shoes Do Professional Ballet Dancers Wear?

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Ballet is a type of performance art, typically danced to classical music, that involves expressive, graceful and technical movements to tell a story. It is an intricate and highly technical form of dance that requires dancers to have both strength and flexibility.

Professional ballet dancers must have the right kind of shoes in order to perform at the highest level.

Types of Ballet Shoes

The most common type of ballet shoes worn by professional dancers are pointe shoes. These shoes have a hard sole with a toe box at the front that is reinforced with paper or fabric to help the dancer stand on their toes.

The shoe also has an elastic band across the instep that holds it in place on the dancer’s foot. Pointe shoes come in various styles and sizes to suit each individual dancer’s needs.

Material Used in Ballet Shoes

The materials used in making ballet shoes are usually leather or canvas with a suede sole. Leather is used because it is strong and flexible, while canvas is lightweight and breathable. The sole should be made from suede because it provides grip when dancing on different surfaces, such as marley floors or wooden stages.

Fitting Ballet Shoes

When fitting ballet shoes, professional dancers should ensure that they fit snugly but not too tight. The toe box should be wide enough for the toes to move freely without rubbing against the sides of the shoe, and there should be no gaps between the heel and back of the shoe when standing on pointe.


Professional ballet dancers wear specialized pointe shoes made from leather or canvas with a suede sole for optimal performance. These shoes must fit snugly but not too tight in order for dancers to maintain their balance while performing various techniques correctly. With the right pair of pointe shoes, professional ballet dancers can take their artistry and technique to new heights!