What Size Ballet Shoes Do I Get?

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When it comes to ballet, the right size shoes are essential for providing dancers with the comfort and support they need during class and performance. With a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes, and widths available, it can be difficult to know which shoes are best for you. To help you decide, here are some tips on how to pick the perfect pair of ballet shoes for your feet.

Measure Your Feet:

The first step in buying the right pair of ballet shoes is to measure your feet. You can do this by using an ordinary ruler or measuring tape.

Measure from the heel to the longest toe on both feet as this will give you an accurate measurement of your foot size. Make sure you are standing when measuring so that your foot is in its natural position.

Know Your Width:

Aside from getting a size that fits your length, you need to make sure that you get a width that fits your feet. Ballet shoes come in different widths so determine if you have narrow or wide feet before making a purchase. If you have wide feet then choose a wider shoe and if you have narrow feet then opt for a narrower shoe.

Choose the Right Style:

Ballet shoes come in several different styles including full sole, split sole, pointe and demi-pointe. Full sole shoes provide more stability for beginners since there is more surface area touching the floor when dancing. Split sole shoes allow for more flexibility and freedom of movement as they have two separate pieces – one at the heel and one at the toes – which provide more grip on different surfaces such as studio floors or stages.

Try Them On:

It’s important that once you’ve chosen a style of shoe that fits your foot length and width that you try them on before purchasing them. This will ensure that they fit properly and are comfortable when worn while dancing or performing.

Finding the right size ballet shoes can be tricky but with these tips it should be easier to choose a pair that fits well and provides maximum comfort while dancing. Be sure to measure your feet accurately, determine if you have narrow or wide feet, choose an appropriate style of shoe and try them on before buying them so you can ensure they fit perfectly!