What Style of Ballet Is Cecchetti?


Cecchetti is one of the most popular and recognized styles of ballet. It is named after its creator, Italian dancer Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928).

Cecchetti was a renowned teacher who was invited to teach at the Imperial Ballet School in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1887. He developed a teaching system which would eventually become known as the Cecchetti Method.

The Cecchetti Method emphasizes musicality, expression and precision in movement. The steps are designed to be performed with clarity and strength, with an emphasis on technique rather than artistic expression. Dancers should strive for an effortless quality of movement, with a strong sense of line and grace throughout.

Cecchetti ballet has several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other styles of ballet. The arms are generally held close to the body, with hands curved gracefully around the rib cage or overhead with wrists slightly bent.

The legs move in straight lines with the feet pointed outward and flat on the floor. There is an emphasis on core strength and balance throughout each movement.

The Cecchetti style is known for its focus on technique rather than artistry. It emphasizes clean lines and precise movements that require a great deal of control and strength from the dancer. The style also emphasizes musicality, meaning that dancers must be able to move in time to music and maintain their balance while doing so.


What style of ballet is Cecchetti? Cecchetti is a classical ballet style characterized by its focus on technique rather than artistry, its use of clean lines and precise movements, and its emphasis on musicality. It requires a great deal of control and strength from dancers to execute properly.