What Style of Ballet Is Houston Ballet?


Houston Ballet is one of the leading American ballet companies, renowned for its outstanding repertoire, superb dancers and innovative choreography. The company has a rich history, having been founded in 1955 by the legendary director Nina Popova. Houston Ballet is based in Houston, Texas and presents a variety of ballet styles from classical to contemporary.

Classical Ballet

Houston Ballet’s classical repertoire consists of some of the most beloved works in the ballet canon, including Swan Lake, Giselle and Sleeping Beauty. These productions are performed with tremendous technical skill and dramatic flair by the company’s stellar dancers. The ballets are staged with great attention to detail, with beautiful sets and costumes that transport audiences to another world.

Contemporary Ballet

Houston Ballet is also known for its impressive contemporary productions, which feature challenging choreography by some of today’s most innovative artists. The company has presented works by choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Mark Morris and Christopher Bruce – all of whom have provided unique interpretations of classic stories or created original works from scratch. These ballets often incorporate unusual music and cutting-edge designs to create a captivating theatrical experience.

Modern Dance

Houston Ballet also offers performances in modern dance styles such as jazz and hip-hop. These shows feature exhilarating music and cutting-edge choreography that bring together different genres to create something entirely new and exciting. The company has recently commissioned works from modern dance luminaries like Dwight Rhoden and Alejandro Cerrudo that have earned rave reviews from audiences across the country.

Houston Ballet is an incredible showcase for all types of dance styles – from classical ballet to modern dance – that make it one of the most exciting companies in America today. Its unique blend of repertoire has earned it international acclaim over the years, making it a must-see experience for any dance enthusiast or theatregoer alike.

Conclusion: Houston Ballet is an acclaimed ballet company based in Houston, Texas that performs an eclectic mix of styles ranging from classical to contemporary ballet and even modern dance such as jazz and hip-hop. With its diverse repertoire showcasing some of today’s best choreographers, Houston Ballet is sure to have something to appeal to everyone’s tastes!