What Subject Is AP Art History?

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AP Art History is a college-level course that focuses on the history of Western art from ancient times to the present. The course provides an in-depth study of art from its beginnings in prehistoric times through various artistic movements and time periods, including Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Impressionism, and Modernism. Students learn about the social, political, and economic contexts of art from each era and explore the major ideas and contributions of influential artists.

The AP Art History course requires students to develop a range of skills including visual analysis, interpretive writing, and critical thinking. Students hone their abilities to recognize characteristics of different historical styles while also learning how to effectively communicate their understanding in writing. The course also emphasizes how art reflects cultural values and how it has been used to shape identity throughout history.

The two primary components of AP Art History are the multiple-choice exam and the free-response essay questions. The multiple-choice section covers a variety of topics related to art history such as stylistic characteristics, artistic techniques, media used by artists, patronage systems, and more. The free-response questions test students’ ability to analyze works of art from various time periods and interpret them within their historical context.

AP Art History is a challenging yet rewarding course for those with an interest in the history of art or those who want to pursue a career in studio arts or museum work. It provides an excellent foundation for further study at the college level as well as valuable transferable skills such as critical thinking and effective communication that can be applied across disciplines.


AP Art History is an advanced college-level course that examines Western art from ancient times to the present day. It is designed to develop visual analysis skills as well as critical thinking abilities while exploring how art has been used throughout history to shape identity and reflect cultural values.

The AP Art History exam consists of both multiple-choice questions and free-response essays that test students’ ability to interpret works within their historical context. This rigorous course provides valuable knowledge for those interested in studio arts or museum work as well as transferable skills that can be applied across disciplines.