What Undertones Are in Ballet White?


Ballet White is a timeless and classic color choice for ballet dancers in performances. The quintessential color of grace, femininity, and elegance has been used for years to create a sense of purity and innocence on the stage. Ballet white has more to it than its simple beauty though, with various undertones that make it truly unique.

The Color

Ballet white is a soft and muted shade of off-white. It is slightly cool toned but still warm enough to work with a variety of different skin tones.

It can be seen as ivory or cream color, depending on the lighting in which it’s viewed. The muted tone helps to create an ethereal look on stage.

The Undertones

Ballet white contains undertones that are often overlooked by dancers. These tones are subtle, yet powerful enough to bring life to the costume when paired with the right movements. They include shades of pink, blue, and yellow that work together to create a unique look for each performance.


The pink undertone in ballet white helps create an airy feel on stage. It’s often seen as a soft blush or peach color when used for costumes. This adds an extra layer of femininity and grace that enhances the overall look.


The blue undertone in ballet white adds depth and contrast to costumes. It can range from light sky blue to deeper navy colors depending on how much light is reflecting off the costume itself. The blue helps give balance to the overall look while adding a bit of vibrancy.


The yellow undertone gives ballet white its signature warmth and glow on stage. It brightens up any costume while also making them appear softer and more delicate at the same time.

Overall, these colors come together harmoniously in ballet white costumes to create an elegant yet captivating look that makes each dancer shine brightly onstage.


Ballet White may appear simple at first glance, but its varied undertones contribute greatly to its timeless beauty. The combination of pink, blue, and yellow creates a unique balance that makes it perfect for any performance setting.