What Unis Do Art History?

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What Do Universities Do with Art History?

Studying art history at the university level is a great way to gain an understanding of the various facets of art from different cultures and eras throughout history. From ancient times to the present, art has been used to express culture, record events, and tell stories. By studying art history, students can learn about how different societies have expressed their beliefs and values through paintings, sculptures, and other forms of visual art.

At the university level, students may take courses in both the history and theory of art. In these courses, students learn about the major periods in art history as well as how to interpret works of art in order to gain a better understanding of their meanings.

They also explore how different cultures have expressed themselves through artwork over time. Additionally, they may look at how religion and politics have influenced works of art throughout history.

In addition to taking classes on the history and theory of art, universities also offer courses that focus on specific types or styles of artwork such as Renaissance painting or Rococo architecture. In these classes, students will learn about the characteristics that define each style and how it evolved over time. They will also discuss specific artists who used that particular style in their work.

Universities also offer courses on modern and contemporary art movements or trends such as Pop Art or Postmodernism. Students will learn about the ideologies behind these artistic movements as well as how they were interpreted by various artists around the world during particular time periods. Additionally, they may explore issues related to copyright laws regarding artwork from certain eras or examine how works from some cultures have been appropriated by others for commercial purposes.

Overall, studying art history at a university provides students with an appreciation for all forms of visual art from various cultures throughout time. It allows them to explore different periods within art history while learning about the cultural influences behind them as well as gaining an understanding for modern trends within the field today.


Studying Art History at a university provides students with an opportunity to develop an appreciation for all forms of visual arts from numerous cultures throughout history while gaining insight into modern trends in this field today. Through taking classes on both history and theory along with specific styles or movements within Art History; universities allow students to gain a deeper understanding into why people create artwork throughout its evolution over time which can be beneficial when attempting to interpret works today.