What Was Jerome Robbins First Ballet?


Jerome Robbins, born Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz in 1918, was a renowned American choreographer, dancer and theatrical producer. He was highly influential in the world of ballet, having created some of the most iconic works in the genre. His first ballet was Fancy Free, which premiered in 1944.

Fancy Free was created for American Ballet Theatre and is widely considered to be one of Robbins’ most famous ballets. It tells the story of three sailors on leave from their ship in New York City.

They meet two young women at a bar and attempt to court them. The ballet features a jazzy score composed by Leonard Bernstein and set design inspired by Golden Age Hollywood films.

The work was revolutionary for its time, as it depicted everyday life and emphasized character development within the narrative structure of a classical ballet. It featured an iconic pas de deux between one of the sailors and one of the women that is still performed to this day. The piece established Robbins as a major name in the world of ballet.

Robbins continued to innovate with his ballets throughout his career, creating works such as The Concert (1956), Dances at a Gathering (1969), In G Major (1976) and West Side Story Suite (1995). He won two Academy Awards for his work on films such as West Side Story (1961) and Fiddler on the Roof (1971).


Jerome Robbins made an indelible mark on the world of ballet with his innovative choreography, unforgettable characters and sophisticated musical scores. His first ballet, Fancy Free, was created for American Ballet Theatre in 1944 and set him on course for success; it remains just as popular today as it did over 75 years ago.