What Would You Do With an Art History Degree?

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An art history degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the history and development of visual arts. This includes art forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, film, photography, and digital media. A strong background in the history of art provides a good foundation for those interested in pursuing careers in the art world.

A degree in art history can open up many different career paths. Those with an interest in curating and conserving works of art may pursue positions as museum directors or curators.

Those interested in writing about works of art may become critics or journalists. Art historians also have a variety of options when it comes to teaching positions at universities or other educational institutions.

For those looking to make a career out of their passion for the arts, an understanding of the historical context is essential. An art history degree will give students an opportunity to explore and gain knowledge about the various forms and styles that have been developed over time. This can be used as a basis for further research or creative endeavors.

By studying the works of past artists, one can gain insight into how different techniques were used to create different effects and how these techniques evolved over time. This understanding can be applied to modern day works of art, allowing a person to gain an appreciation for both traditional works as well as contemporary pieces.

An art history degree also offers a unique opportunity to study the impact that visual arts has had on culture throughout history. From ancient sculptures created by civilizations centuries ago to modern day media, studying this subject provides insight into how visual arts has shaped society, politics, and even our individual lives.


No matter what career path you choose after graduating with an Art History degree, you will have gained valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in any role related to visual arts. From researching artwork and its historical context to developing your own artistic skillset – having an Art History degree opens up endless possibilities.