What’s the World’s Oldest Movie Theater?

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The world’s oldest movie theater dates back over 120 years. The Electric Cinema, located in the heart of London, opened its doors in 1902 and has been a staple of the city ever since. It is the oldest continuously operational movie theater in the world and its original design has stood the test of time.

The Electric Cinema was designed by prolific British theater architect Frank Verity, who was responsible for several other iconic theaters around London. The exterior features a beautiful Edwardian style façade and inside it is decorated with red velvet curtains, gilded accents, and elaborate wallpapers. The theater is also equipped with a grand pipe organ that adds to the grandeur of the experience.

The Electric Cinema has become a popular destination for film buffs over the years as they can watch some of their favorite classic films on its big screen. It offers an immersive experience with its comfortable seats, excellent sound system and large projection screen. The theater also hosts special events such as live music performances, film screenings, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers.

The Electric Cinema is a testament to the long history of cinema in London. It’s a reminder that despite all of the changes that have taken place over time, some things remain timeless and can still provide us with joy for generations to come.


What’s the World’s Oldest Movie Theater? The answer is undoubtedly The Electric Cinema in London which opened its doors in 1902 and remains one of London’s most beloved cultural institutions today.

This historic venue provides an immersive cinematic experience with its grand design, comfortable seating and excellent sound system. From classic films to special events like live music performances, The Electric Cinema is an enduring reminder of cinema’s long history in London.