When Did Amazing Grace Ballet Rose Come Out?


The graceful and beautiful ballet ‘Amazing Grace’ first had its debut in February 2021. Created by the acclaimed choreographer, Ninette de Valois, it quickly gained popularity amongst both professional dancers and casual fans of the art form.

The story of ‘Amazing Grace’ follows one woman’s journey of self-discovery through dance. The main character, Grace, is a young woman who comes from a wealthy family but she feels like an outsider. She begins to explore her own identity through ballet and finds that it helps her to express herself in ways she never thought possible.

The Choreography

The choreography of ‘Amazing Grace’ is extraordinary. It features a combination of classical ballet moves with modern steps that create an incredibly beautiful and captivating performance. The ballet follows the classic three-act structure with an opening scene, a middle section which includes a grand pas de deux, and a finale which brings everything together for an emotionally charged conclusion.

The Music

The music for ‘Amazing Grace’ was composed by the world-renowned composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. His music provides the perfect backdrop to the graceful moves of the dancers and helps to create an emotionally moving experience for audiences. The score also includes other pieces by Tchaikovsky as well as some contemporary works that help to emphasize certain moments in the ballet.


Since its initial release in February 2021, ‘Amazing Grace’ has been met with much critical acclaim. Professional dancers have praised Ninette de Valois’ choreography for its technical complexity and beauty while casual fans have found themselves moved by its emotional depth and beauty. It has been performed around the world at various venues, including London’s Royal Opera House where it received several standing ovations from audiences.


‘Amazing Grace’ Ballet Rose first came out in February 2021 when it made its debut performance at London’s Royal Opera House under the direction of acclaimed choreographer Ninette de Valois. The ballet combines classical moves with modern steps to create an emotionally charged performance which has been met with much critical acclaim from both professional dancers and casual fans alike since its release.