Where Can I Get a PhD in Art History?

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A PhD in Art History is an advanced degree that can open the door to many rewarding and stimulating career options. Professionals with a PhD in Art History may find themselves employed as curators, conservators, gallery directors, art historians, and other positions in museums, galleries, and universities.

Those who are proficient in the field of Art History may also choose to pursue research or teaching opportunities.

To be eligible for a PhD program in Art History, applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution in the field of Arts or Humanities. This degree should include courses related to art history such as studio art, visual culture studies, archaeology, museum studies, and art and design history. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, applicants must also demonstrate their interest in research through publications or conferences related to the field of study.

The first step towards pursuing a PhD in Art History is finding an accredited university that offers such a program. Many universities around the world offer doctoral programs for those interested in becoming experts in the field of Art History. Prospective students should research into different school’s requirements and curriculum before deciding on one that best suits their needs.

Once accepted into a PhD program at an accredited university, students will need to complete required courses as well as electives depending on their area of focus. Students will also have to complete comprehensive examinations before being allowed to move onto their dissertation phase. During this time they will be working under professors conducting independent research projects which can lead to future publications.


With proper education and dedication to research within the field of Art History, individuals can pursue doctoral programs at universities around the world that offer such degrees. These degrees open up many opportunities within museums and galleries as well as within universities for both teaching and research purposes.