Where Do You Get Art for the Museum in Animal Crossing?

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When it comes to creating a museum in Animal Crossing, you may be wondering where to get art for the museum. Fortunately, there are several ways to acquire art pieces in the game.

The most common way is by purchasing art pieces from Redd, the travelling fox merchant. Redd sells art pieces that can be donated to the museum. He can be found in your town on random days and his arrival can be announced by villagers.

In addition to purchasing art from Redd, you can also collect it yourself. By fishing or catching bugs and selling them to Timmy or Tommy at Nook’s Cranny, you can earn money that can be used to purchase artwork from Redd.

Another way to collect artwork is by finding fossils and donating them to Blathers at the museum. Blathers will identify the fossil and then donate it to the museum as an exhibit.

You can also purchase artwork from other players through the use of Dodo Codes or visit other islands via online play and purchase artwork from their Nook’s Cranny store. Lastly, you can also find random pieces of artwork washed up on your island’s shores. These items cannot be donated directly but they can be sold for Bells which can then be used to buy more art.


Overall, there are several ways you can acquire art pieces for your Animal Crossing Museum. You can purchase them from Redd, find them on your island shores, collect them yourself through fishing or bug-catching, purchase them from other players online, or find fossils and donate them to Blathers. With all these options available, collecting enough art for a museum should not be too difficult!