Where Does the Houston Ballet Preform?


The Houston Ballet is one of the premier ballet companies in the world. Founded in 1955, it has become one of the most respected and admired institutions in dance. The company performs a wide variety of ballets, from classic works to modern creations. Each season, the company puts on several full-length productions at various venues around Houston.

The Houston Ballet’s home base is the Wortham Theater Center – a grand facility located downtown Houston. This is where most of the company’s performances take place, including their annual performances of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. The Wortham Theater Center also hosts other large-scale events such as musicals and concerts.

The Houston Ballet also frequently performs at other theaters and venues around town. These include Jones Hall, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Hobby Center for Performing Arts, and many more. In addition to these traditional theaters, the company has been known to perform in nontraditional spaces such as parks, parking lots, and even a former cotton warehouse.

In addition to performing in Houston, the Houston Ballet also takes its shows on tour throughout Texas and around the world. The tours have taken them to cities such as New York City, London, Paris and Tokyo over the years.

The Houston Ballet is an internationally renowned institution, with a reputation for providing inspiring performances that bring audiences joy each season. No matter where they are performing – be it at home in Houston or abroad – they are sure to put on an unforgettable show.

Where Does The Houston Ballet Preform? The Houston Ballet primarily performs at the Wortham Theater Center in downtownHouston but they also frequently perform at other venues throughout town such as Jones Hall, Miller Outdoor Theatre and Hobby Center for Performing Arts. In addition to performing inHouston they also tour throughout Texas and internationally.

Conclusion: The world-renowned Houston Ballet has been providing inspiring performances since 1955 – bringing joy to audiences all over the world with their outstanding shows performed at home inHouston or on tour throughout Texas or abroad.