Where Is Ballet Met Located?


Where Is Ballet Met Located?

The BalletMet Dance Company is a professional dance company based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1978, the company has grown to become one of the preeminent ballet companies in the United States. It is known for its diverse repertoire and high-caliber performances.

The BalletMet Performance Center is the home of the BalletMet Dance Company and is located in downtown Columbus. The Performance Center is a three-story facility that houses two theatres, a costume shop, rehearsal studios, and administrative offices. The building was designed by architect Richard Colbert to provide state-of-the-art facilities for both audience members and performers alike.

The main theatre of the Performance Center seats up to 1,300 people and has a flexible floor plan that allows for numerous staging arrangements. It also features an orchestra pit, sound system, and lighting system that allow for optimal performance quality. The second theatre seats up to 400 people and provides more intimate experiences with smaller productions such as chamber works or student recitals.

The rehearsal studios are equipped with sprung floors designed for maximum flexibility and safety for dancers during rehearsals and classes. Additionally, there are several dressing rooms available for use by performers before each show or rehearsal.

The Costume Shop at the Performance Center provides costumes for all of BalletMet’s productions. The costumes are designed by professional designers who work closely with dancers to create pieces that best fit their roles and movements on stage. This ensures that each performance looks its best from start to finish.

BalletMet’s administrative offices are located on the second floor of the Performance Center where staff members take care of all logistical needs such as ticket sales, marketing materials, fundraising campaigns, and more.

With its modern facilities, talented team of professionals, and world-class performances; BalletMet’s home base in downtown Columbus makes it one of the most highly regarded ballet companies throughout America today.

Conclusion: The BalletMet Dance Company is headquartered at The Performance Center located in downtown Columbus Ohio which features two theatres seating up to 1,700 people combined; three rehearsal studios; a costume shop; administrational offices; an orchestra pit; sound system; lighting system; sprung floors; dressing rooms; ticket sales services; marketing material services; fundraisers campaigns services; among other amenities and services necessary to ensure each performance looks its best from start to finish..