Which Is the Best Nutcracker Ballet?


The Nutcracker Ballet is a timeless holiday classic that delights audiences of all ages. It has been performed in various versions all over the world since it was first composed by Tchaikovsky and choreographed by Marius Petipa in 1892. With so many different versions to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is the best Nutcracker Ballet.

The original ballet, choreographed by Petipa in 1892, is considered by many to be the definitive version. It incorporates all of Tchaikovsky’s iconic music and follows the original story closely. The choreography and movement are exquisite, with lyrical yet dynamic dances that capture the heart and imagination of audiences.

The Royal Ballet’s production, currently directed by Peter Wright, is also highly regarded for its faithful reproduction of this classic ballet. This version features intricate costumes and grand sets that transport viewers back to a time of opulence and grandeur. The Royal Ballet’s production has become a Christmas tradition for many families, who flock to London’s Royal Opera House year after year to experience its beauty.

George Balanchine’s version, staged at the New York City Ballet in 1954, is also highly acclaimed. Balanchine brought his own unique style to this production, adding innovative choreography that captivated audiences with its grace and athleticism. This version also features some of Tchaikovsky’s lesser-known music from other ballets such as Swan Lake as well as new compositions written specifically for this production.

Finally, there is Matthew Bourne’s contemporary adaptation, which reimagines the classic tale in an entirely new way. Set in modern-day London, this version features groundbreaking choreography set to a score comprised mostly of Tchaikovsky’s classic melodies with some modern twists thrown in for good measure. It has become one of Bourne’s most beloved works.

For those looking for an authentic classical experience with all of Tchaikovsky’s iconic music intact, then the original ballet choreographed by Petipa is undoubtedly the best choice. For those looking for something more modern or who enjoy innovative choreography then George Balanchine or Matthew Bourne’s adaptations are both excellent options as well.

In conclusion, it is impossible to definitively say which is the best Nutcracker ballet as each version brings something unique to the table that appeals to different audiences. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and what aspects you value most when watching a performance.