Who Is the Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, commonly referred to as the Met, is one of the most iconic art museums in the world. Situated in New York City, it houses some of the most important works of art from a variety of cultures and periods. But who is the person responsible for curating such a vast and diverse collection?

The current curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is Max Hollein. He was appointed to the role in 2018, becoming the first non-American to take on such an important role at a major US museum. Hollein comes from a long line of museum professionals; he previously served as director and CEO at two renowned institutions: The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.

Hollein’s appointment has been met with great enthusiasm from both sides – both museum-goers and professionals alike have praised his efforts to bring contemporary art into The Met’s collections, while also striving to make it more accessible to wider audiences. Hollein has also taken great steps towards making The Met more inclusive by creating diverse programming events, appointing new staff members from a variety of backgrounds, and launching initiatives that promote greater accessibility for people with disabilities.

Hollein’s vision for The Met has been focused on expanding its reach beyond its walls – through digital platforms such as its website and social media accounts – as well as engaging visitors with educational programs like artist talks, workshops, performances, and tours. He has also worked hard to ensure that the museum remains financially viable by developing strategies for fundraising and sponsorships, while maintaining an emphasis on sustainability practices.

Max Hollein is an ideal choice for curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; his passion for art history and contemporary culture has enabled him to bring fresh ideas and initiatives to the museum, while remaining true to its core values. His dedication ensures that The Met will remain one of America’s premier art institutions for generations to come.

Conclusion: Max Hollein is currently serving as the curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art since 2018. His background in museum management coupled with his commitment towards making The Met accessible to wider audiences has made him an ideal choice for this prestigious position.