Who Owns Spandau Ballet Songs?


Spandau Ballet is one of the most iconic bands of the 1980s. They rose to popularity in the UK and Europe in the early 1980s and enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Their music was an eclectic mix of pop, rock, jazz, funk and soul. They are best known for their hit singles such as ‘True’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Through the Barricades’.

The band initially formed in 1979 and consisted of five members: Gary Kemp (guitar/vocals), Martin Kemp (bass/vocals), Tony Hadley (lead vocals), Steve Norman (saxophone/guitar) and John Keeble (drums). The band split up in 1990 after a successful nine-year career but reunited for a successful tour in 2009.

The question of who owns Spandau Ballet songs is somewhat complex due to the various copyright laws involved. Generally speaking, all members of Spandau Ballet are co-authors of any songs they wrote or performed together.

This means that they all own a portion of the copyright to each song. Therefore, all five members would need to be consulted before any use or licensing could be granted for their songs.

The publishing rights to the band’s songs are usually held by a record label or music publishing company who have licensed them from the original writers. In some cases, all five members will have signed over their individual ownership rights to a third party such as a record label or music publisher in order to secure release rights for their songs. In other cases, ownership may be retained by individual band members or a combination thereof depending on how any agreement was structured when it was originally signed.

In terms of royalties generated by Spandau Ballet songs, it is likely that these will be split between all five members depending on how much each member contributed to specific tracks—this can vary from album to album so it can be difficult to determine exact details without consulting with each member directly.

In short, it can be said that all five former members of Spandau Ballet own a portion of copyright ownership for each song they released together as a group—with additional publishing rights belonging to individual members or third parties depending on how any agreements were structured at the time they were signed.

Conclusion: Who owns Spandau Ballet songs? All five former members hold copyright ownership rights over any songs they wrote and performed together as a group—with additional publishing rights belonging to either individual band members or third parties depending on how agreements were structured when they were originally signed.