Who Owns the Walters Art Museum?

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The Walters Art Museum is a beloved cultural institution in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1934, it houses a collection of over 30,000 works of art from ancient Egypt to modern times. The museum is best known for its impressive array of European art, but also contains a wide range of other artifacts from around the world.

The museum was founded by William T. Walters and his son Henry Walters. Both men were prominent businessmen who had a passion for collecting artwork from all parts of the world.

They had amassed an impressive collection that included some of the finest pieces from Europe, Asia, and beyond. In order to ensure that the collection would remain intact and continue to be enjoyed by future generations, they decided to create the museum as a charitable trust in 1934.

Today, the Walters Art Museum is owned and operated by The Walters Art Museum, Inc., a nonprofit organization that is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board consists of members who are interested in promoting the mission and vision of the museum while ensuring its financial stability.

The Walters Art Museum continues to thrive under its board’s leadership. It has become one of Baltimore’s most visited attractions, drawing thousands of visitors every year who come to appreciate its vast array of artwork from around the world.


The Walters Art Museum is owned and operated by The Walters Art Museum, Inc., an independent nonprofit organization governed by an appointed Board of Trustees who are dedicated to preserving and promoting its mission and vision. This board ensures that this beloved cultural institution continues to thrive for generations to come.