Who Wears Essie Ballet Slippers?


Essie Ballet Slippers is one of the most iconic nail polishes of all time. It was created in 1982 by Essie Weingarten, the founder of the Essie cosmetics company. It has become a cult classic, and is now seen as the go-to shade for bridal manicures and special occasions.

Who Wears Essie Ballet Slippers? This beloved shade is worn by everyone from beauty bloggers to celebrities. It’s a favorite of makeup artists because it’s a timeless classic that doesn’t go out of style. The light pink hue looks great on all skin tones, making it a versatile choice for any woman who wants to give her nails an extra pop of color.

Essie Ballet Slippers is also a favorite among brides-to-be. The subtle pink color looks beautiful against white wedding dresses, and can be easily accessorized with other shades for an elegant look. Many celebrities have also been spotted in this iconic shade, from Taylor Swift to Demi Lovato and beyond.

Essie Ballet Slippers isn’t just for special occasions. Its subtle hue makes it perfect for everyday wear as well. Whether you want to make your manicure more interesting or add an extra touch of sophistication to your look, this timeless shade will always be in style.

Conclusion: Essie Ballet Slippers is a timeless classic that appeals to everyone from beauty bloggers to celebrities and brides-to-be alike. It’s perfect for special occasions, but can also be worn every day for an extra touch of sophistication and elegance. No matter who you are or what your style may be, Essie Ballet Slippers will always be in fashion!