Why Ballet Shoes Are Pink?

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For centuries, ballet has been a form of dance that has captivated audiences around the world. From the graceful twists and turns of the dancers to the elegant costumes, there is something truly enchanting about watching a ballet performance. However, one detail in particular stands out: why are ballet shoes pink?

The answer lies in the history of ballet. In the beginning, female dancers wore white shoes to match their tutus and tights.

As time went on, however, some began to experiment with other colors. It wasn’t until Marie Taglioni – one of the most famous ballerinas of all time – began wearing pale pink shoes that this color became associated with ballet. Taglioni was known for her light and airy movements, and because of this, she chose a lighter colored shoe to match her style.

The color pink quickly became linked with ballerinas and became a symbol for grace and technique. Other colors were introduced such as black or white but none seemed to have the same impact as pink. As time went on, more and more dancers began wearing pink shoes as part of their costume which further cemented its association with ballet.

Today, ballet shoes are still mainly made in shades of pink because it has become an iconic part of the art form. Some companies even offer custom-made shoes in different colors so that dancers can choose one that matches their skin tone or costume. No matter what color they choose though, it is clear that pink will always be associated with ballet.


Ballet shoes are typically made in shades of pink due to its historical significance in the art form. It was Marie Taglioni who first started wearing pale pink shoes during her performances which quickly became associated with grace and technique among other ballerinas over time. Today, it is still seen as a symbol for ballet and many companies even offer custom-made shoes in different colors so that each dancer can find one that best suits them.