Why Do Ballerinas Wear Ballet Shoes?

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Ballerinas wear ballet shoes to help them perform their craft. Ballet shoes help them to perform with grace and accuracy, as well as preventing injury.

They are designed to be comfortable yet supportive, and provide the dancer with the best possible performance.

Ballet shoes are made from soft leather, satin or canvas materials that contour to the foot and provide the dancer with a snug fit. They have either a full or split sole design which helps allow for greater flexibility and range of motion when performing. These soles also help protect the dancer’s feet from hard impact when landing from jumps or other movements.

The shape of ballet shoes is designed specifically for proper body alignment. This allows for correct placement of the feet in relation to each other when performing turns and other steps.

The heel is usually lower than most traditional street shoes, providing better balance while on pointe (standing on toes) or during jumps.

Ballet slippers come in two basic styles: those with ribbons and those without ribbons. Ribboned ballet shoes provide extra support around the ankle, while those without ribbons are less bulky but do not offer as much support around the ankle area. Depending on the type of routine being performed, both styles can be used.


Ballet shoes are an essential part of a ballerina’s wardrobe as they provide balance, support, comfort, and flexibility all at once. Their design helps avoid injury by protecting the dancer’s feet from hard impact when landing from jumps or other movements. Additionally, their shape helps ensure proper body alignment which helps improve performance technique.