Why Is It Called Spandau Ballet?


Spandau Ballet is an English band that formed in the late 1970s. The group was one of the most successful British acts of the 1980s and is still regarded as one of the best-known bands from that era. The group’s name has a unique origin story, which has given them a place in pop culture history.

The band’s name was taken from a popular West Berlin nightclub named Spandau Ballet. The club was located near Checkpoint Charlie, and it became well-known in the 1970s when members of the British military frequented it. It was known for its underground music scene and its eclectic mix of guests.

The band chose this name because they wanted to capture the spirit of the nightclub and its wild nights. They wanted to express their appreciation for all that they had experienced while visiting this unique venue, and they felt that naming their band after it would be a fitting tribute.

The Meaning Behind The Name

The word “Spandau” comes from an early German dialect called “Sachsenschrift”. This dialect was spoken by some of the earliest inhabitants of Berlin, who used it to describe things that were beautiful or unusual. It eventually became part of popular German vocabulary, and it’s now used to describe things with a special sparkle or flair.

“Ballet” is French for “dance”. So when you put these two words together, you get “Spandau Ballet”, which can be interpreted as “dancing with special sparkle or flair”. This meaning captures perfectly what the band wanted to represent with their name – something exciting and unique.

Why Is It Called Spandau Ballet?

Spandau Ballet was chosen as a name because it represented the wild energy and spirit of their favorite nightclub. They wanted to capture this feeling with their band name, so they chose something that could evoke those feelings in listeners.

The combination of words also had a deeper meaning that encapsulated what they hoped to achieve musically – something special and unique.

Today, Spandau Ballet stands out as one of the most iconic bands from the 1980s. Their unique name has become part of popular culture, and it continues to bring back fond memories for many who remember visiting Spandau Ballet nightclub during its heyday.


Spandau Ballet’s name pays homage to a memorable West Berlin nightclub which captured the essence of their music – something special and unique. The combination of words also hold deeper meaning, reflecting both their experience at this beloved venue as well as what they hoped to achieve musically with their own group. As such, Spandau Ballet has become an iconic symbol from the 1980s music scene whose legacy still lives on today.