Why Is It Called the High Museum of Art?

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The High Museum of Art, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the leading art museums in the Southeast United States. Established in 1905, the High Museum is home to a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from all over the world. It is also home to a variety of traveling exhibits that bring works from all four corners of the globe to the esteemed museum.

The museum was founded by Atlanta businessman, John High. He was deeply interested in art and wanted to create an institution that would bring it closer to his beloved city. The museum was initially established as the Atlanta Art Association and located in downtown Atlanta.

In 1926, it moved to its current location on Peachtree Street and was renamed The High Museum of Art.

John High’s vision for the museum was to create an experience that would immerse visitors in art. He also wanted it to be accessible to everyone; regardless of their background or ability level. To this end, he made sure that admission was free for all visitors and put into place programs designed to engage people from all walks of life with art.

The High Museum has been an important part of the cultural fabric of Atlanta ever since its opening day over a century ago. Not only does it house a stunning collection of artwork from around the world, but it also serves as an educational center for budding artists and art lovers alike.

Why Is It Called The High Museum Of Art?

The museum is named after its founder John High who wanted it to be a place where everyone could enjoy fine art regardless their background or ability level. His vision has been so successful that the museum has become one of the leading art galleries in the Southeast United States.


The High Museum Of Art owes its name and success to its founder John High who envisioned a museum open for everyone with access to great works from around the globe. Today, this beloved institution continues his legacy by providing world-class exhibitions and educational programs for those looking for an enriching cultural experience.