Why Is It Important to Learn Art History?

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Art has been around since the dawn of humankind and throughout history, it has been used to tell stories, express thoughts and feelings, and to capture moments in time. Art history is the study of how art has changed over time and how different cultures have used art as a form of communication. It is important to understand the history of art because it helps us to better understand our own culture as well as those of other societies.

Art history can help us gain a better understanding of our past. By studying the history of art, we can see how different cultures have used art forms to express their beliefs, values and ideas.

We can also see how these cultural expressions have evolved over time and what new ideas have emerged from them. This understanding gives us insight into the development of our own culture.

Art history is also important because it gives us an appreciation for the craftsmanship and skill that goes into creating works of art. By studying works from different eras in history, we can gain an understanding of how different techniques have been used and why certain styles were popular at certain times. This knowledge can help us appreciate artwork more deeply and also inform our own artistic endeavors.

Finally, art history provides us with a greater appreciation for the beauty that exists in our world. By learning about different styles, we get a better sense of what makes certain artwork stand out or be more meaningful than others. We can learn to appreciate artwork for its aesthetic value rather than simply seeing it as something we must consume or purchase.


Learning about art history is important because it helps us to appreciate our own culture, gain an understanding of craftsmanship, and develop an appreciation for beauty in all its forms. It provides us with knowledge that allows us to better understand the world around us and can even influence our own artistic pursuits. Art historians are invaluable resources who help keep alive the stories behind works of art so that future generations may understand them more deeply.