Why Is the Milwaukee Art Museum Closed?

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The Milwaukee Art Museum is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept through the nation. The museum was closed on March 17th and has remained closed since that time.

This is a difficult decision for the staff and administration of the Milwaukee Art Museum, as they had hoped to remain open in some capacity.

The decision to close the museum was made with careful consideration of the health and safety of both visitors and staff in mind. With Wisconsin being one of the worst-hit states in terms of cases, it is clear that there needed to be a course of action taken to help prevent the spread of the virus. The museum needed to weigh its options carefully, as they were aware that closing their doors would have a significant financial impact on their operations.

The closure has been difficult for everyone involved with the Milwaukee Art Museum, from visitors who were looking forward to exploring its galleries, to staff members who miss their workplace dearly. Although this closure was necessary for public health reasons, it does not make it any less heartbreaking for those affected by it.

The staff at the Milwaukee Art Museum have been working hard during this period in order to provide quality virtual experiences for their visitors. They are also taking steps towards reopening safely when it is possible to do so. In addition, they are offering free online access to their collection so that people can explore its treasures from home.


The Milwaukee Art Museum was forced to close its doors due to COVID-19 related health concerns, but are doing everything they can during this time period in order to provide quality virtual experiences and access to their collection online. They hope that soon they will be able to safely reopen and welcome back visitors once more.