Why Is the Walters Art Museum Closed?

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The Walters Art Museum, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the most popular art museums in the United States. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been forced to close its doors since March 2020. The closure of the museum has been a major blow for not only art enthusiasts but also for the local economy.

The Walters Art Museum houses an impressive collection of artwork and artifacts from all around the world. It features pieces from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and America.

It has a wide variety of objects ranging from paintings to sculpture to jewelry and more. It also offers educational programs and lectures on a variety of topics related to art history.

The museum was forced to close due to concerns over public health and safety. The pandemic has caused a huge disruption in how people interact with each other and with their environment. In order to protect visitors and staff from potential infection, it was necessary for the museum to take this step.

The closure of the museum has had a significant economic impact on Baltimore as well as other areas surrounding it. Many businesses depend on visitors coming into the city in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately, without visitors coming into the museum there is no money being spent in these areas which can have a huge effect on local economies.

Despite being closed, there are still ways that people can enjoy some of the artwork at The Walters Art Museum online. The museum’s website offers virtual tours of its galleries as well as digital versions of some of its collections available free for viewing or downloading.


The Walters Art Museum is an important part of Baltimore history and culture that unfortunately had to close due to health and safety concerns stemming from Covid-19. While this closure has had a negative economic impact on local businesses, there are still ways for people to appreciate some of its artwork through virtual tours and digital collections available online.