Does Dallas Have a Ballet?


The city of Dallas, Texas is known for many things; from its exceptional sports teams, to its vibrant culture and thriving art scene. However, one question that often comes up is: does Dallas have a ballet?

The answer to this is yes, there is a ballet company based in Dallas. The Texas Ballet Theater (TBT) has been in operation since 1972 and offers professional-level ballet performances throughout the year. It is the largest professional dance organization in the state of Texas and produces over 50 performances annually.

The TBT has an impressive repertoire of works that span both classic and contemporary ballets. From the traditional Swan Lake to more modern works like Carmina Burana and The Nutcracker Suite, the TBT provides high-level entertainment for audiences of all ages.

The company also offers educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about ballet. They have an extensive community outreach program that includes classes for children and adults, workshops and events, as well as offering tickets at reduced prices for those who may not be able to afford them otherwise.

In addition to their performances and educational initiatives, the TBT also hosts an annual gala event which raises funds for their programs as well as scholarships for students wishing to pursue professional ballet training.


Yes, Dallas does have a professional ballet company called the Texas Ballet Theater. The TBT has been providing quality entertainment since 1972 and offers a wide range of classical and contemporary ballets each year.

They also provide educational opportunities through classes and workshops as well as host an annual gala event which raises funds for their programs. There is no doubt that Dallas can be proud of its very own professional ballet company.