What Are Women’s Ballet Shoes Called?

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Women’s ballet shoes are one of the most important parts of a dancer’s costume. They are light, flexible, and provide support for the dancer’s feet and joints.

Ballet shoes come in a variety of styles and materials, from canvas to leather and from pointe to slipper. Each type of shoe has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important for dancers to choose the right shoe for their particular style of dance.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are usually the least expensive option, but they can be uncomfortable if not broken in properly. They are made with lightweight canvas fabric that allows the foot to breathe while still providing adequate support.

Some canvas shoes feature leather soles for added durability and protection while dancing. Although they may not be as durable as other types of ballet shoes, they are a great choice for those just starting out in ballet or who do not need a lot of support.

Leather Shoes

Leather ballet shoes offer more support than canvas or synthetic materials, making them ideal for more experienced dancers or those who require more stability when dancing. Leather also provides better shock absorption than canvas or synthetic materials, which can help reduce fatigue during long practice sessions. Leather ballet shoes tend to be more expensive than other types, but many dancers find that they last longer due to their increased durability.

Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes have the hardest sole of any type of ballet shoe and feature a shank that is designed to provide extra stability and support when en pointe (on toe). Pointe shoes are usually made with either satin or leather material and feature ribbons that tie around the ankle for added security while dancing en pointe. Pointe shoes should only be worn by experienced dancers who have completed an extensive training program in order to reduce their risk of injuries.

Slipper Shoes

Slipper ballet shoes are usually made with soft leather uppers and thin suede soles. They do not provide as much protection as other types of ballet shoes but still provide enough cushioning for comfortable movement during practice sessions. Slipper ballet shoes often come with elastics instead of ribbons that tie around the ankles for added security and comfort while dancing.


Women’s Ballet Shoes come in many varieties depending on their purpose – from Canvas Shoes which offer lightweight comfort at an affordable price; Leather Shoes which provide additional stability; Pointe Shoes which have hardened soles for en pointe techniques; and Slipper Shoes which offer extra cushioning at an affordable price. Ultimately it is important that each dancer chooses the right style based on their individual needs in order to ensure maximum performance whilst reducing their risk of injury.