What Can You Do With an Art History Degree?

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An Art History degree is a great option for those who are interested in the study of the history, development and impact of visual arts. With an Art History degree, individuals can pursue a wide variety of careers in museums, galleries and other related fields.

In addition to a general knowledge of art history, those who seek an Art History degree will also gain an understanding of the technical aspects of art making, such as painting techniques, photography and sculpture. Students may also learn about art theory and criticism, aesthetics and the social context of art.

Art historians are often employed by museums to research pieces in their collection and to create educational materials for the public. Other positions involve curating exhibitions, cataloging artwork and writing about art for publications.

Art historians may also teach at universities or work in galleries or auction houses.

Studying for an Art History degree also gives students a chance to develop critical thinking skills that can be applied to other fields as well. With this type of degree, individuals learn how to analyze works of art from diverse cultures and historical contexts, allowing them to better appreciate different perspectives on works of art.

Careers in Business

An Art History education provides students with skills that are valuable in many industries outside the traditional realm of fine arts. For example, businesses often hire art historians because they have experience with critical thinking skills which can be applied to marketing strategies or product designs.

Careers in Law

Those with an Art History degree may also find career opportunities in law as appraisers or legal advisors specializing in complex cases involving artwork or cultural property rights.

Careers in Education


>Art Historians are also well-suited for teaching positions at both the K-12 level as well as college level. In these roles, they help students understand the history and context behind works of art while developing their own capacity for critical analysis.


>What Can You Do With an Art History Degree? An Art History degree opens up a wide range of career possibilities including museum work, gallery management, curation, business analytics and legal advisory roles. An education in Art History helps hone critical thinking skills which can be used across various fields while providing knowledge on diverse cultures’ artistic heritage.

Conclusion: An Art History Degree offers many exciting career options such as museum work, gallery management, curation etc., along with honing analytical skills which can be used across various fields while providing knowledge on diverse cultures’ artistic heritage.