What Paper Should I Use for Digital Art Prints?

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Digital art prints have been gaining popularity over the years, as they are an affordable way to bring artwork into your home. But, which type of paper should you use for these prints? There are a few factors to consider when selecting the right paper for digital art prints.


The weight of the paper is an important factor when selecting the best paper for digital art prints. Heavyweight papers, such as those between 100-140 lb (260-350 gsm), provide more structure and stability to the print. This allows for a more professional look and feel, and helps ensure that the print will maintain its shape over time.


The coating of the paper is also important when selecting a paper for digital art prints. A matte finish is usually preferred, as it produces a soft, non-glare surface that allows colors to pop.

However, if you’re looking for something with more shine and luster, then a glossy or semi-gloss finish might be better suited for your needs. The coating will also determine how easily fingerprints and smudges will show up on the print.


The material used in the paper is also something to consider when choosing a paper for digital art prints. Cotton rag or fine art papers are popular choices as they offer superior quality and longevity compared to standard office papers.

These types of premium papers also help bring out vibrant colors and sharp details in your artwork, making them ideal for high-quality digital art prints.


When selecting a paper for digital art prints, it’s important to consider weight, coating, and material in order to ensure that you get a high-quality product that will last over time. Heavyweight papers with matte finishes made from cotton rag or fine art materials are often preferred by digital artists due to their superior quality and ability to bring out vibrant colors in artwork.