What Do You Do in a History of Art Degree?

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A degree in History of Art is one of the most interesting and rewarding degrees you can pursue. The degree program allows students to explore the history, evolution and development of art throughout human history.

It involves studying painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, drawings and photographs from a range of periods, cultures and styles. It also includes the study of related topics such as philosophy, religion, politics and economics.

In addition to exploring art from different times and places in its historical context, students also gain a greater understanding of the changing nature of art. This allows them to identify artistic trends as they develop and to appreciate how different artistic styles interact with each other. Students are also encouraged to examine the influence of culture on art, as well as its role in society.

Students enrolled in a History of Art degree learn about major art movements throughout history such as Neo-Classicism, Impressionism and Postmodernism. They also learn about specific artists such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Picasso. In addition to learning about these major figures in art history, students also gain an understanding of contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst.

The coursework for a History of Art degree is varied and includes lectures, seminars, group work and individual research projects. Lectures cover a range of topics from classical Greek sculpture to modern street art. Seminars allow students to discuss their ideas with their peers while group work gives them an opportunity to work together on a project or exhibition.

In conclusion, a History of Art degree provides students with an invaluable opportunity to explore the history and development of art around the world. Students learn about major figures in art history as well as contemporary artists while gaining an understanding of the changing nature of art. Through lectures, seminars and group work they develop their knowledge base while pursuing their passion for creativity.